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Other Custom Molded Dunnage

Other Custom Molded Dunnage

100% Recyclable Thermoplastics100% Recyclable

Support pods, saddles, nests, hooks, clips, brackets, etc. Many dunnage solutions do not fit neatly into a particular category. We never try to limit ourselves to what has been designed in the past. Each dunnage solution requires the proper amount of creativity and ingenuity.

Shipping Log for Heavy Duty Truck Axles
Shipping log for heavy
duty truck axles
Nest for engine cradles
Nest for engine cradles

Stacking Dunnage

  • Used for shipping large bumpers & fascias
  • Mimics contour of underside of the part
  • End-posts and targets allow stacking the parts
  • Load weight is transferred through the dunnage
  • Two pieces are utilized per part being shipped
Rear step/bumper shipping rack
Rear step/bumper shipping rack

Export Shipping Nests for Transmission Assemblies

Designed to support a complete transmission assembly inside a cardboard box for overseas shipment. Molded from polypropylene co-polymer thermoplastic, the dunnage is recycled into high quality raw material after the shipment is received and unpacked.

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