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Formed Steel Dunnage

Formed Steel Dunnage

Formed Steel Dunnage

Many shipping rack applications do not require cushioned dunnage designs and in fact benefit from the extremely durable properties which are offered by galvanized steel or stainless steel. In situations where the dunnage does not make contact with the class-A surface of a part, formed steel dunnage bars are a suitable option. In cases where a sharp edge of a sheet metal stamped panel makes contact with the pocket of the dunnage, having the dunnage made from steel is important to prevent damage to the dunnage and to prevent debris contamination from shaving of the dunnage material.

Our process of attaching a continuous formed steel ribbon of pockets onto a steel substrate provides our customers with a bar that can be easily assembled into a shipping rack, cart or other container. Various attachment methods and substrate design options are employed depending on the specific requirements of the project.

Many pocket shapes can be achieved with our forming methods including deep draw, complex curves, angled designs, and tight spacing. Specialized components can be attached into the assembled bar for more complex solutions. Prototype samples can be developed very quickly and inexpensively. They are identical to actual production parts and therefore can be fully tested before manufacturing.

Formed Galvanized Steel Bar Rendering

Advantages of Formed Steel Dunnage

  • Durable, strong, long lasting material
  • Resistance to abrasion from metal edges
  • Wide range of shape possibilities
  • Excellent design flexibility
  • Virtually no tooling costs
  • Quick and inexpensive prototypes
  • Prototypes are production materials

Typical Substrate Attachment Options

C-Channel Option
C-Channel OptionC-Channel Option

C-Channel option

Bolt or weld to
structural steel tubing

Hat-Section Option
Hat-Section OptionHat-Section Option

Hat-section option

Bolt or weld to flat
steel surface

T-Track Retainer Option
T-Track Retainer OptionT-Track Retainer Option

T-Track retainer option

Slides into standard roll formed c-channels and extruded aluminum bars.

Typical Pocket Design Options

Straight Uniform Pockets
Straight Uniform Pockets
Stepped PocketS
Stepped Pockets
Angled Pockets Top View
Angled Pockets Side View Angled Pockets
Panel Rests on Bump-Out Instead of the Bottom of the Pocket
Panel rests on bump-out instead of the bottom of the pocket.
Curved Forms
Curved forms
Back-To-Back Forms
Back-to-back forms
Floating Pockets
Floating pockets
Added Pads Or Machined Pins
Added pads or machined pins
Support Brackets
Support brackets

Application Examples

Swing Bar for Tailgate Assembly Shipping Rack

Swing bar for tailgate assembly shipping rack

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