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Custom Injection Molding

Custom Injection Molding

100% Recyclable Thermoplastics100% Recyclable

Dunnage Engineering is an injection molder of thermoplastic materials. We welcome you to reach out to us regarding your needs for plastic parts, whether you already own the tooling and are looking for a new supplier or you require a new tool for your product. We are more than willing to explore options with you and can offer design assistance to ensure that the part can be manufactured with injection mold tooling.


  • Injection molded part design assistance from our engineering staff
  • Prototype parts using 3D printing and other methods
  • Assistance with thermoplastic material selection
  • Production injection mold tooling built by our network of tool builders
  • In-house molding production with wide range of machine sizes
  • Part assembly or other post molding processing

Aluminum Injection Mold Production Tooling

Aluminum injection mold
production tooling

Core Competencies

  • Quick timing and economical pricing using production grade aluminum tooling
  • Larger parts or multi-cavity smaller parts
  • Smaller quantity batch production runs
  • Insert molding (e.g. steel component molded into the plastic)
  • Over molding (e.g. softer elastomer molded onto rigid plastic part)
Steel Insert MoldingSteel insert molding

Christmas Tree Push Pin Insert MoldingChristmas tree push
pin insert molding

TPE Molded Over Polycarbonate AlloyTPE molded over polycarbonate alloy

Injection mold materials

We use a wide range of thermoplastic materials in our normal product lines. Most common are polypropylene co-polymer (PP), high impact polypropylene (HIPP), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), polyester-based thermoplastic urethane (TPU), high impact ABS, various polycarbonate alloys (e.g.PC/PBT and PC/ABS), and high impact nylon 6/6. Some material grades we run are reinforced with talc or glass. We rarely shy away from trying out new materials in order to achieve certain properties.

Injection Mold Materials


Specialized Support Bracket For Backyard Ice Rinks
Specialized support bracket for backyard ice rinks
Bike Wheel Clamp Stand
Bike wheel clamp stand
Custom Speaker Component Assembly Board
Custom Speaker Component Assembly Board

Monorail Conveyor Hook for Transmission Assembly Operation
Monorail conveyor hook for transmission assembly operation
Custom Handle For Rotating Dispenser
Custom handle for
rotating dispenser
Cover For Oil Cooler Component
Cover for oil cooler component

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