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Flipper Tower Assemblies

Flipper Tower Assemblies

100% Recyclable Thermoplastics100% Recyclable
Flipper Tower Assemblies, sometimes referred to as Stacking Columns, are fully assembled modules that are shipped ready to be bolted into the floor of a shipping rack or in-process cart.  They consist of a complete array of vertical style pivoting flipper fingers mounted within a steel weldment via shoulder bolts or machined pivot rods.  The Tower Assembly will also include any required locking mechanisms, panel containment guides, special bumpers or any other feature that needs to be mounted onto the weldment housing.  The weldments and other steel components can be zinc plated or powder coated per customer specifications.

We can design Flipper Tower Assemblies for manual, lift-assisted or robotic loading and unloading of panels.  Counterweights and other features are included within the flipper finger for purposes of automatically actuating the next flipper to accept another part for loading and automatically moving the empty flipper out of the way to provide proper clearance for unloading the next panel.

Most designs feature a straight vertical orientation of flipper fingers positioning the panels directly above each other in a uniform stack.  We also design Flipper Tower Assemblies in a slanted orientation if having the panels offset is required due to the shape of the panel.  Less common is a curved flipper orientation design in which the panels are held in a “fan” style with one end requiring more part to part spacing clearance than the opposite end.

Flippers themselves are injection molded polycarbonate alloy which is a strong, rigid recyclable thermoplastic resin.  Depending on the application, the flippers can be fitted with injection molded recyclable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) heads to make cushioned contact with class-A surfaces of the panels or can include a stainless steel cover to prevent shaving of the plastic flipper from a sharp steel edge of the panel.

Front (Inside) View

Flipper Action

During the loading process, as the weight of the panel pushes down on the flipper, it actuates the flipper above making it ready to accept the next panel.

Conversely, during the unloading process, as the weight of the panel is lifted off of the flipper, the counterweight pulls the flipper out of the way to allow access to the next panel in the container.

Tower Loading

Vertical Tower Orientation

Front (Inside) View
Front (Inside) View

Back (Outside) View
Back (Outside) View
Most common Flipper Tower Assembly style. This orientation is appropriate for applications where the parts are relatively flat at the edges and container density would not be improved by staggering the panels.  

Roof Rack ISO

Shipping Rack for Roof Panel with Sunroof Opening utilizing (6) vertical tower assemblies.

Slanted Tower Orientation

Front (Inside) View
Slanted towers are appropriate for applications where the parts have a “waterfall” flange on one end. In order to improve pack density in the container, this solution allows the parts to overlap each other on the one end.

Roof Panels in Slanted Tower Orientation

Slanted Tower Roof Rack
Shipping Rack for Roof Panel with Sunroof Opening utilizing (4) slanted tower assemblies.

Curved Tower Orientation

Curved Orientation
Front (Inside) View
Curved Orientation Tower Assemblies are another solution appropriate for improving container density where the parts have a “waterfall” flange on one end. In this application, the panels nest on top of each other on the “waterfall” end and the flippers hold the opposite end at the required spacing.

Roof Panels in Curved Tower Orientation

Flipper components and options

Polycarbonate Alloy Thermoplastic
Flipper with TPE Cushion
Flipper with Stainless Steel Plate
Flippers with Stainless Steel Wear Plates
Flippers with Stainless
Steel Wear Plates

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