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Custom Trays and Totes

Custom Trays and Totes

100% Recyclable Thermoplastics100% Recyclable

Dunnage Engineering designs and manufactures returnable, reusable trays for the shipping, handling, and/or processing of parts or products for a variety of applications. These trays are specially engineered to protect the parts during shipment and can also be utilized during the manufacturing process.


  • We can design trays from part CAD data or actual parts
  • We prototype trays using 3D printing or machined model board
  • In house large size tray injection molding capacity
  • We can mold in steel pins or plates for special applications
  • We can include abrasion resistant nests, lids or other components
  • We can provide complete unit loads including plastic pallet and lid

CAD Solid Model of Design

CAD solid model of design

3D Printed Prototype Tray

3D printed prototype tray

3D Printed Prototype Tray (Half of a Full Part)

3D printed prototype tray
(half of a full part)


  • Shipping Trays
  • Automation Trays
  • In-Process Handling Trays
  • Assembly Trays
  • Kitting Trays
  • Wash Cycle Trays
  • Sterilization Process Trays
  • Custom Designed Totes
  • Tray inserts for totes

Typical Commodities

  • Engine components
  • Transmission components
  • Electric system components
  • BEV battery cells
  • Braking system components
  • Various industrial components

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Material Selection

Most trays are polypropylene co-polymer because it offers good durability at an economical price. Some applications require more specially engineered plastic resins. For instance, trays utilized in robotic handling applications or wash cycles may require reinforced materials or thermoplastic alloys. Trays which hold electrical components might require a material with ESD (electrostatic discharge) properties. Also, parts with sharp areas may require a more cut resistant material in order to eliminate plastic shaving contamination. We have an outstanding knowledge of thermoplastic materials and many times will bring in material suppliers for their input on new applications. We always welcome the opportunity to explore something new.

Finished Unit Loads of Trays Ready to Ship

Finished Unit Loads of
Trays Ready to Ship

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